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InterpretingElite Linguists provides professional face-to-face interpreting and (pre-booked) telephone interpreting in a wide range of languages in all types of settings and scenarios. Whether you need an interpreter at a public service point or a business meeting, we will match your requirements with the interpreter who is most suited to do the job.  Some examples include:

  • Local Government settings, e.g. housing, social work, education
  • Healthcare settings, e.g. GPs, hospitals, clinics
  • Legal settings, e.g. police, courts, solicitors
  • HR settings, e.g. HR processes, training
  • Business settings, e.g. business visits and conferences
  • Other settings, e.g. weddings and civic partnership ceremonies

All our interpreters are recruited and selected using our stringent recruitment and selection procedure. They have all undergone a disclosure check to ensure they are suitable to work with people from all walks of life. In addition, they are trained to observe professional ethics to safeguard all parties, especially about the upmost importance of confidentiality and remaining impartial at all times.

For interpreting bookings, please contact us with the following details:

  • The language(s) you need
  • Date, time and duration
  • Location/venue (for face-to-face interpreting)
  • Nature of the appointment/meeting
  • Any special requirements, e.g. gender of the interpreter

We will give you a firm quote and make the necessary arrangements if you choose to go ahead.

What we charge

We have a simple pricing structure and our rates are competitive, providing a cost-effective solution to your language needs. We also take care of our fellow third sector organisations in Scotland by offering them a discount as standard.